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15 October 2019In Search of the Queen of Sheba
17 September 2019Hieronymous Bosch
18 June 2019The Field of the Cloth of Gold: 6,000 Englishmen in France for 18 days. How did they do it? (preceded by Summer Lunch)
21 May 2019Gauguin's Discovery of the Primitive
16 April 2019The Huguenot Silkweavers of Spitalfield
19 March 2019SS Great Britain - From Launch to 'Re-launch'
19 February 2019The Radical and Scandalous Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
15 January 2019The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: German Art 1900-1933
20 November 2018ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Art in the Garden of God: a new look at 17th century Dutch painting
16 October 2018Windsor Castle: its history and Royal occupants, 1080 to the present day
18 September 2018From Russia With Love
19 June 2018Portraitist par excellence: Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun
15 May 2018Art UK: Uncovering the nation's hidden oil painting collection (Following the Summer Lunch)
17 April 2018Bess and Her Descendants: The Cavendishes at Chatsworth and Hardwick
20 March 2018The Art of David Hockney
20 February 2018The Odd Couple: The gardens of Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll
16 January 2018The Story of the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
21 November 2017ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Edwardian Opulence. The Portraiture of John Singer Sargent.
17 October 2017Who Says? Can we trust the Experts on Good or Bad Art?
19 September 2017Cornish Art Inspired by Plays, Poems and Fairy Tales.
20 June 2017William Hogarth 1697-1764.
16 May 2017Harems, Hookahs, Odalisques and Ottomans:
18 April 2017Jane Austen. Letters and Lesser-known Works.
21 March 2017Pissaro! Humble and Great. Rather like God.
21 February 2017Women in Paris 1939-1945. Les Parisiennes.
17 January 2017Oh Yes It Is!: History of Pantomimes from Ancient to Modern Times
15 November 2016ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Mayer - the birth of the Silver Screen and the artists it inspired
18 October 2016Beauty and the Beast. Our Parish Churches and the Modern Predicament
20 September 2016Wessex Explored: Thomas Hardy's world through his work and the paintings of Henry Moule and Walter Tyndale
21 June 2016Coffee: from Arabia to the Coffee House - the art and history of coffee drinking
17 May 2016SUMMER LUNCH Stolen Masterpieces: The Most Sensational Art Thefts in History.
19 April 2016The Art and Beauty of Old Maps
15 March 2016J.M.W. Turner: The Life and Works
16 February 2016Searching for Shakespeare
19 January 2016Behind the Veil: the Arts of Islamic Persia
17 November 2015ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Men behaving badly. Rakes and Rogues on and off the canvas
20 October 2015With just a Needle and Thread
15 September 2015Italian Gardens: Their Beauty, Meaning and Relevance today
16 June 2015SUMMER LUNCH James Whistler: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
19 May 2015Art Nouveau - Architecture and Design
21 April 2015Drama behind the Taj Mahal
17 March 2015An English Noah's Ark
17 February 2015Inn Signia - Pub signs, the artwork and the stories behind their names
20 January 2015Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
18 November 2014ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Arms and Armour
21 October 2014From Phaetons to Phantoms : Coachwork Design in the 19th and 20th centuries
16 September 2014War Artists : Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevison and the Great War
17 June 2014SUMMER LUNCH Fingal's Cave : Mendelssohn, Scott and Turner
20 May 2014Bruegel's scenes of country life
15 April 2014Sir Thomas Lawrence and the Kemble Family
18 March 2014Ivory and Tortoiseshell : Past Uses and present laws
18 February 2014The historical use of wallpaper in the British Interior 1685 to today
21 January 2014Grinling Gibbons - Carver to the Crown
19 November 2013ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Maya Heritage. Ancient and Modern Maya Culture
15 October 2013Adventures in 3 Dimensions. 20th century sculptures in Britain
17 September 2013Pierre Bonnard. Painting with light
12 August 2013SUMMER CREAM TEA
18 June 2013SUMMER LUNCH The Virgins of the National Gallery
21 May 2013The Silk Road and the Sea: China's Windows on the World
16 April 2013Recent trends in Contemporary Architecture
19 March 2013English Furniture of the eighteenth century. The Golden Age
19 February 2013Posters of the Belle Epoque
15 January 2013Leonardo da Vinci. Anatomical Form with Function
20 November 2012The Magi
16 October 2012Playing Cards
19 June 2012It will never show. Designing historical costume for film and television
15 May 2012Steam Trains in Art
17 April 2012Bricks, sheds and unmade beds
20 March 2012A Passion for Piers
21 February 2012Prehistoric Jewellery
17 January 2012Whistler and Ruskin
15 November 2011Have You Seen My Hobby Horse? A Magical Mystery Tour of Britain's Ancient Customs
18 October 2011Life and Times of the Sundial - A Perspective on Civilisation's Most Enduring Timekeeper
20 September 2011David Hockney
21 June 2011Wine and the Vine in Art
17 May 2011The Life and Work of Grinling Gibbons
15 March 2011FROM 1611 TO 2011 – ART AND THE ENGLISH BIBLE
15 February 2011Remembering Vaughan Williams

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In Search of the Queen of Sheba Louise Schofield Tuesday 15 October 2019

The fame of the Queen of Sheba has lasted across the many intervening centuries since she made her epic journey from her distant land to the court of King Solomon. A passage in the Bible’s Book of Kings has immortalised this Queen and the journey that she made, her camel caravan laden with gold and incense as gifts for the king of Jerusalem. In this talk Louise looks at how the Queen of Sheba has captured the imagination of great artists, inspired epic films and has led archaeologists to go in search of her land – a search that has led to discoveries of great temples, tombs and treasures in both the Yemen and Ethiopia.

Louise Schofield has been working in Ethiopia since 2006, directing archaeological, conservation and development projects in that extraordinary country. Her current archaeological site – in Tigray province, northeastern Ethiopia – is a temple, probably dedicated to a moon god and dating to the 5th century BC – a time when this area of Ethiopia formed part of the kingdom of Sheba. Excavations undertaken there in April and May 2015 have uncovered a rich cemetery which includes an extraordinary burial of a 2000 year old Ethiopian 'Sleeping Beauty'.