Young Arts Projects are arts related activities sponsored or organised by the local Decorative & Fine Arts Societies. They can be for the benefit of individuals or a number of young people. In 2013 £162,153 was given to various arts projects across the country, involving over 20,600 children and young people.

There is no set format for Young Arts Projects, instead, local Societies respond to local circumstances. A Society's involvement may be anything from sponsorship to hands-on organisation. Many involve partnerships with other local and national bodies. We have found that even a small grant can make a big difference.

Projects cover a wide range of activities. They include:

  • Artists in residence
  • Art lectures for students
  • Funding visits to art galleries and museums
  • Art exhibitions for young artists
  • Equipment purchases
  • Practical workshops
  • Local Arts Week events
  • Bursaries for individual students
  • Sponsorship for craft apprentices